Voluntary Strike Off / Dissolution

A Company can apply to the Registrar of Companies for voluntary dissolution (i.e. to be struck off the Register) by completing a form DS01 and paying a £10 fee.

This is not to be done lightly however because there a various rules which must be complied with to avoid committing an offence, it means that any property still belonging to the company automatically belongs to the Crown and it does not mean that directors or shareholders avoid any personal liability they might have.

There are however times when it might be preferable to a Members Voluntary Liquidation and also it could under certain circumstances be possible to do instead of an insolvent liquidation.

In order to do this it is necessary that the company must have been dormant for at least three months and a copy of the application must be served on all creditors, shareholders, directors, employees, pension fund trustees and anyone else who might be interested. This gives an opportunity for anyone who does not agree to the dissolution to object and take such action as they see fit.